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Today we drove from Cafayate to Seclantas via the Quebrada de las Flechas (Valley of Arrows). The eroded sandstone rocks are gray and spiky like arrowheads.

Pretty cemetery in Santa Rosa
This is the main road (Ruta 40) that passes through the quebrada. Dave is now glad we have a rental car with some scratches and dents. He’s sure we’ve added more.
The earth is turned almost vertical here – it makes us feel very topsy-turvy
Millions of years ago those layers were perpendicular to where they are now. That’s a lot of force!
So many layers.

We stopped at the Bodega el Cese in Angastaco. We shared the wine tasting (degustación) with three Argentinians on their motorcycles. All rapid-fire Spanish but they offered us English tasting notes. Neither of us particularly liked their very expensive reserva wine so we ended up with a couple bottles of reasonably priced Malbec and Cab Sauv. We will likely enjoy those at our next few hotels before we have to fly again.

Pretty pink adobe building at Bodega el Cese
Alluvial soil is so great for growing grapes!
Beautiful garden spaces.

The Finca Montenieva is quite a way outside of the tiny town of Seclantas. It is a very simple guest house run by Fido Aban, his wife Berta and their kids, Rene and Tupac. The rooms are, well, spartan. Quite a change from last night!

The black dog’s name is Gato, which means ‘cat’!
Our room – has a door, windows and is clean.
Our view from the room. Less idyllic than last night!

The main reason for this ‘home stay’ is to tour a canyon and cave system that is on Fido’s property. The only way to see it is to take a tour with him or one of his sons. We will head out early tomorrow and then make our way back to Salta in the afternoon.

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