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We said a sad goodbye to our rainforest lodge this morning and headed inland to Wanaka passing through Mount Aspiring National Park.

We stopped at Ship Creek to walk the Dune Lake Track, a nice loop that starts in the forest and ends at the beach.

A nicely kept easy trail.
Fern trees were everywhere. They are at least 12’ tall.
Beech bark is very interesting to see up close – looks kind of like cement!
This type of coastal lake is becoming rare in New Zealand – it will eventually fill in and become meadow
The dunes on the beach
Tasman Sea or sometimes called “The Ditch” between Australia and New Zealand.

Wilson Creek Chasm is somewhere between 800m and 1.5km in length depending on who you talk to. To get all the way to the end, you need a guide and/or some serious canyoning gear (and experience) as there are a few waterfalls to rappel and rock faces to abseil. The creek was running swiftly with Spring run off, so we were only able to take a quick peek at the entrance.

The water was pretty deep and very cold

Lake Wanaka is the 4th largest lake in New Zealand. It covers about 192 square kilometres and is more than 300 meters deep in parts.

This afternoon we took a sunset cruise from town. It was a nice hour with wine and cheese.

Great name for a catamaran.
Ruby Island
Lots of similarities to Lake Okanagan at home
Beach sculpture – The Hand that Nurtures

Then it was back to our condo for a cooked-in dinner of Chipotle pork and salad. Restaurant prices are exorbitant, so we will cook whenever we have kitchen facilities.

Tomorrow we are off to more hikes.

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