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We woke up to light rain and snow. Not unexpected but not what we wanted either. After a morning of relaxing the weather cleared up a bit and we decided to do the Cerro Torre hike. At 3128 meters, it is a gorgeous and snow-covered spiky mountain ‘beside’ Fitz Roy. There were still a few scattered snowflakes in the hills but the mostly uphill hike kept us warm! The valley to our left was gorgeous and clear, but sadly the view of the mountains was still very cloud covered.

Lots of condors were soaring overhead, but none wanted their photo taken!
Even with no leaves this tree is pretty.
We hiked up the river side over the the hump you see in the middle.
At the viewpoint (Mirador). Even with lots of cloud and a bit of snow it’s still beautiful.

The total hike is about 18km to a view of the mountains across a small lake – as the weather was not really cooperating, we decided a solid 6km to and from the first viewpoint was good enough for today.

Just up the road from town is a short walk to the Chorrillo Salto, a pretty waterfall coming down off the hills

Chorrillo Salto

After last night’s dinner “challenge” we decided to go back to more local fare. We were told there was a water shortage in town and a few places were closed. The brewery up the street where we decided on eating was one of them. We decided to go back to El Muro (first night’s dinner). It didn’t disappoint. The server remembered us (and incredibly remembered which wine we ordered two days ago) and she was so sweet and humble. Such a contrast from last night! Yet another huge and delicious meal with good wine.

Tomorrow we fly back to Buenos Aires to spend our last couple of days before we head home.

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