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This morning started with a 6am snorkel to see hammerhead, eagle rays, turtles and Kicker Rock. Darn early start to hop in the water but it was worth it.

Us snorkeling.


Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido, the sleeping lion). One of “the” places to see when in the Galapagos.

After breakfast is was time for a dinghy ride along the coast of San Cristobal to see some caves.

And some nice promentories.

The “other” Kicker Rock shot everyone takes.



Then to the beach for a wet landing and wander a bit. Yes it was that gorgeous.



Wizard hill behind Kris. If you try really hard, you can see a face and a conical wizard hat…

Yellow Finch, they are everywhere.

Marine iguanas


Kris checking out the fish in the shallow pools.

More Kicker Rock because it is so cool looking.

After lunch it was time to hike on Isla Lobos. A dry landing to see blue footed boobies and yet more marine iguanas.

This one was nesting.

And more frigate birds. Here is a young one on a cactus

So many boobies.






















And an artistic one. Booby and Kicker Rock in the background.

We hustled back onboard and changed into our snorkel gear and back in the dinghy to go see and play with sea lions. Man that is fun. So so so fun. They are so playful, graceful and fun. Did I say fun? We will have video when we get home. I'll come back and add it here.

Then a short sail to the main town on San Cristobal for some hanging out in the port. Internet connectivity and a relaxing drink at the restaurant and the pier.

Tonight we sail for Espanola for some more hiking and snorkeling. More animals, more bird. This trip is awesome that way.


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