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We found some cellular signal so we are madly uploading while we can.
We woke up in Bartolome after a 7 hour cruise from Genovesa. 530 start so we could see penguins! The only penguins that are equatorial and north of the equator

Lots of penguins, even one waving hello as we arrived.



And swimming too.


We then had a very scenic hike up the 350 steps to the top of the island. At the top the views were phenomenal.
Many different cinder cones are easily visible. This is from Bartolome Island with Santiago Island in the background.




6am and hot!

Plant life is starting to grow again after the last volcanic eruption just more than 100 years ago (1897).


Even some lava lizards now make this barren place home.

Cactus too.

At 730 it was time to head back for breakfast. Then off to snorkel around the pinnacle. The pinnacle is the remnant of a small volcanic cinder cone. There used to be two, but one was used for bombing target practice by the Americans in WWII and is now the smaller rocks seen at the base of the remaining pinnacle. Too bad. It is quite lovely and iconic of Bartolome.



King Angelfish



Fish everywhere. And I mean everywhere!

And at least a dozen very fast swimming penguins.

Not to mention a bunch of 4-5 foot reef sharks.



At this point it’s only lunch time. So much to see. After yet another good meal we headed off into the lava field on Santiago Island. There is both Pahoehoe and A’a lava (smooth ropy and sharp bubbly) filled with iron, sulphur and olivine.

This one looks like ribs on the barbecue!

This one is modern art?
Then it was back to snorkeling in lovely Sullivan Bay with more penguins and turtles. Life is rough right?
From Sullivan Bay we transited to the channel between Baltra Island (where the airport is) and Santa Cruz. We anchored there for dinner which is why you’re seeing this now. Internet at the airport ;). Tonight we transit to Plaza Island where we will explore tomorrow.

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