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Ecuador Day 8 – Flight to Galapagos and a rest day.

Today was a travel day.  We got to sleep in all the way to 8am, big improvement over the last few days.  We flew from Guayaquil to Baltra via Avianca.  The trip from the airport to the hotel was a little adventurous.  Because the airport is on the island of Baltra, we had to take a bus then a ferry across the narrow channel to Santa Cruz, then a taxi to the town of Puerto Ayora.  But cheap.  Ferry was $1 and the taxi was $25.  Gotta love developing countries.

We didn’t even make it 20 minutes before we saw our first blue footed booby, right as we waited for the ferry.  Birds are everywhere here including Darwin’s finches and interesting pelicans with brown heads.  The boobies are basically cool seagulls.  And we have seen white frigate birds in Hawaii, but in the Galapagos they are black.

We made it mid afternoon to Hotel Fiesta where we are based for the next week.  We have a nice villa with tons of space.  And the pool was sure inviting and warm.

Our villa to the right.

Our view down to the pool.

The pool where we rested.

The view up to the lobby and bar.  We may make decent use out of the bar 😉

The internet here is decent for downloads but I’ve learned that uploads are a wee bit brutal.  Makes sense as the feed is probably satellite and we are 1000 kilometers  offshore.  This will be a bit difficult uploading lots of photos.  We will persevere.   Life is rough right?

The Galapagos is made up of 13 large islands, 6 small islands and more than 40 islets.  We are on Santa Cruz till next Friday.  We will explore the island before we get on our boat.

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