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This morning we had a nice sleep in till around 830 and a leisurely breakfast.  Today was a day to find our way around a bit.  So far Puerto Ayora reminds us a bit of Cairns.  Backpacker or Surfer town vibe.  At dinner last night we overheard a group comparing room rates.  They had all arrived with no real place to stay and had found a hostel for $20 a night for your own bed!  While I’d take a room for $20 I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with air conditioning or your own bathroom.  Our tastes have changed (upgraded?) over the years!  Given it’s over 30 Celsius here we are very much enjoying our AC and pool.

As we headed down to the wharf we saw Sally Lightfoot crabs, sea lions and marine iguanas.

This guy was coming up for some sun and a lunch of seaweed.

The sea lions sure like the benches.  He was tired after hoofing it up the ramp from the water.

We wanted to get a water taxi to Playa de los Perros but ended up at Las Grietas.  Apparently my Spanish is not as strong as I may have thought.  No real worries as that is on the list to see as well.

The water taxis are 25′ Boston Whaler types with outboards.  Pretty efficient and cheap to run.  It was $1.60 for both of us each way.

Las Grietas (the crack)  is a short water taxi from the main pier.  We then walked along the path to a small beach called German beach.

The path is quite lovely.  An easy walk in good shoes.

A future butterfly.

About another 15 minutes past the salt flats you will find the crack.  Officially it’s a max of 50 people, we’re not sure how effectively that was enforced.  Since we didn’t actually plan to be there we weren’t prepared with swim suits.  We may come back if we have time.

As it was noon and we were hot we decided to have a drink and lunch at the Angermeyer Hotel with the boobies before taking the water taxi back to the main part of town.  We are about a 8 minute leisurely walk to our our hotel from town.  Very convenient indeed.

Nice views at lunch.

Tomorrow the plan is to actually get to Playa de los Perros.  We will have to ask which taxi!

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