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Today was another drive day. This time we packed up and left Florence and headed north east to Cortina.

We stopped at a rest stop for lunch and I had a Fazzoletta al Wurtzel, which is a sausage roll with fries and pizza sauce in it. Pretty weird. I've now had one, won't have another.

The road was mostly Autostrada so fast and boring. If you can say 140-155km/hr is boring.

Cortina is a ski town who hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956. The lifts stopped at 430 so we didn't actually get up the hills today but it sure is pretty.

This is the view from our room:

A little more focused shot.

Darn pretty.

Dinner was a bit of a hunt. The gluten free place we'd chosen was actually closed today but we didn't know that till we showed up. So suddenly we were left back at the beginning. We found a place around the corner that had some gf pasta. Good enough. And it turned out that the food was good all around. Italy has had good food wherever we've been. But then most people would expect that.

Recently at a local Italian pizza place at home we'd seen an orange drink that we were told was an Italian appertif. We finally got one. It's Aperol spritz. It kinda looks like orange Kool-Aid but thankfully is quite good and doesn't taste like I imagined.

After dinner it was a nice stroll back in much cooler weather. Only 22 or so. Felt so nice for a change.

Tomorrow is mountain day. The Tofana and 5 towers.



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