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Today was another earlier start. We have one day to cover the highlights of Florence. Kris and I plan to come back some day but we wanted to at least see the main stuff. And we did. In 35 degree heat.

First was the Piazza of Santa Maria del Fiore

The Bapistry


Crazy amounts of gold leaf inside. We could stare at the depictions on the inside of the dome for hours and still not see it all. This is just a very small sample.

Here is a panorama to try and get the splendor.

We also toured the Duomo and the crypts. Santa Maria del Fiore, “The Duomo” – Saint Mary of the Flower, is the main church of Florence, begun in 1296 in Gothic style and completed in 1436 with Brunelleschi’s dome. It was the largest dome in the world, and still is the largest brick dome. The façade is a mix of pink, white and green marble. We were blown away by the size of the cathedral – it is absolutely massive. Way too big to fit into a single photo.

Again, the dome is intricately painted!
This fresco of Mary, John the Baptist and a dead Jesus is from around 1300 AD

We then climbed the 414 steps up the Campanile (Bell Tower)

Yup, up to the top. In 35 Degree heat. While Eric wasn't feeling very well. Poor him. But trooper he is, he did it.

View from the top:


After that we needed some liquid and lunch. So for once we ate at noon. Felt early and a bit weird.

Then it was off to the Leonardo Da Vinci museum. Man that guy was smart and inventive.


Dredging machine

Then it was back to the hotel to cool off for a while. Dinner was another great gluten free place that we all enjoyed.

On our way back to the hotel we detoured and saw my namesake. Or at least an official copy of:

Michelangelo’s David is a renaissance sculpture carved between 1501 – 1504 from a single piece of marble. He represents biblical hero David (and Goliath). He's almost 17 feet tall. Pretty cool to see in real life.

In the same square was Perseus slaying Medusa

Neptune Fountain

And some Medici lions. Their family symbol

And a wild boar on the end of a platform

Since it was evening the Uffizi was closed but we did wander down the promenade to the Arno river and the Ponte Vecchio. Where apparently there was a lot of Pokemon Go action. Yes it has taken over part of the trip. But thankfully the boys are still interested in real life too.

Then we enjoyed the sunset before walking back to the hotel for bed.

Tomorrow we drive to Cortina to see the Dolomites and do some hiking.


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  1. Janet Reid says:

    Good thing you showed me the picture from the top of the bell tower because I won’t be climbing it when I get there!

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