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Yet another good buffet breakfast. Then it was back in the car from Florence off to Maranello. Home of Enzo Ferrari and his cars. Ryan and Dave went to the Museo de Ferrari while Kris and Eric hung out in the square. The plan was for Dave and Ryan to take a long time and Eric and Kris hunt for lunch food. Turns out we were fast. Great stuff, but there were not a lot of cars, lots of F1 which neither Ryan and I needed to spend a lot of time on. So we were sorta fast but still saw what we wanted and enjoyed.

FXXK was an insane looking car. So much so you can buy one but can only drive it on select race tracks around the world. About the only Ferrari I might want to buy.

$2.7M and they are sold out. I'm short about $3.8 as you need to buy a few other Ferrari before they offer you one. I'm guessing you also need your own airplane (airline) to fly to the various tracks. Plus you probably need Count or Sheik or “Your Royal Somthing” as a title.

Either way the only Ferrari I'd really want to own is the America because it is curvier and doesn't look like a door stop. I'm more of a Porsche guy anyway.

We did enjoy the displays of the older race cars and history. Like the Enzo.

Ryan asking if he can have one at 16. I believe a firm nod downwards was my response. Or maybe it was outright laughter.


After Ryan and I were done we found Kris and Eric just up the road. We found a market and bought some Prosciutto Crudo and Cotta and some Provolone and Peccorino cheese. Along with some rice cakes and bread. We intended to drive over to the Acetaia for a tour but somehow entered the address wrong in the GPS. So we took a tour into the mountains. Was very pretty but 100% the wrong way.

The view:

Once we got to the wrong place we double checked the address and corrected. Just in time for a lunch of Pannini con Prosciutto and Formaggio. Yum.

At 2pm we went into the Acetaia Villa San Danino. We got a great history of Aceto Balsamico (Balsamic Vinegar) and then some tastes. Unless you know your Balsamico you've never had what we had. Sweet, syrupy and so tasty. Thankfully we all actually liked the cheaper stuff better (very unusual for me). 20 euro instead of 70!

Balsamic is aged in barrels in sets. 2, 6, 12 or 25+ years. White or red grape dosn't matter. What matters is the process. Google it, very complex and full of rules. But the results can't be argued with. This Acetaia had a barrel from 1512 still in use. So yes they reuse them after they empty out.
They are left open so alcohol and vinegars can evaporate. Otherwise it would turn into wine.
After the tour it was time to head back to Florence. Dinner was at another GF restaurant. Ciro and Sons. Gluten Free kitchen for Eric, Pizza for Ryan and Pasta for Kris and Dave. Unfortunately Ryan's pizza was a mess of goo. Totally undercooked. The rest of ours were super yummy. My ravioli was cheese and pears. Really good!
Kris has learned to drink Italian table wine. Means I have to share now. But it's all good.
I finally got to try Grappa. Kinda like whisky only made from grapes. Tasty but too strong for everyone else. Also it comes in test tubes??
Tomorrow we are actually going to stay in Florence and see it. Might be 37 degrees. We will need lots of water.


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