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We really enjoyed our trip this year.  The best way I’ve been describing to people when asked is “culturally intense”.  What that means is there is so much to see and experience that we packed our trip with no rests.  The people and atmosphere are so different then at home it is always in your face.  This is a good thing and why we travel but it can get overwhelming.  We were constantly asked to have our picture taken when out and about.  It was funny at first but then got a bit draining.  I don’t mean to be negative here, the trip was intense but good.

So much to see, so little time and while I never need to see any more Indian countryside, we really did see very little of the country.

This trip, with the Frankfurt layover, meant Kris and I have been on 4 continents in less than one year.  Personal best!

Here are some favourites that I made into a slide show.  3 weeks boiled down to 8 minutes 31 seconds.

And then some final pics for fun.




IMG_6578-1 IMG_6622-1 IMG_6632-1 IMG_6660-1 IMG_6681-1 IMG_7098-1 IMG_7128-1 IMG_7144-1 IMG_7156-1 IMG_7177-1 IMG_7376-1 IMG_7386-1


wpid-Photo-20150408205733024.jpg wpid-Photo-20150408204032848.jpg wpid-Photo-20150407204028646.jpg wpid-Photo-20150407202640947.jpg wpid-Photo-20150408201136304.jpg wpid-Photo-20150408201139494.jpg wpid-Photo-20150406201524742.jpg wpid-Photo-20150404205333369.jpg wpid-Photo-20150411212657200.jpg wpid-Photo-20150413211428374.jpg wpid-Photo-20150414121652761.jpg wpid-Photo-20150414121654247.jpg wpid-Photo-20150414200006175.jpg wpid-Photo-20150416201101187.jpg wpid-Photo-Apr-17-2015-2244.jpg

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