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We were supposed to arrrive in Katni at 0755. We awoke at 7am and were all ready to go. Except right around then we were no where near Katni. Majawadi or something. There was some concern that maybe we missed? Nope. After some probably very expensive cell phone data on my work phone (I’ll have to reimburse for that I’m sure) we found that we were in fact still 90 plus minutes away. Somehow we lost time overnight. At least we were still going the right way!

At 10am we finally got into Katni station. Off we get and thankfully our driver spotted us. I guess two white people getting off a train isn’t so hard to see!

3 hours by car later we arrived at Treetop Hideaway. Yes we are staying in a tree! This place is simply stunning. No other word does it justice. There are only 5 rooms plus the dining tree.

Our room – Mahua.

Entrance area.

The Mahua Tree gives both fruit and flowers. It sustains alot of people and animals. About the size of a reasonable Banyan tree. It’s fruit will drop and when pressed makes wine. There are stories of monkeys, birds and people doing silly things after a few fruit.

The food here is incredible. Too much and it’s amazing.

After a good lunch it was time for our first safari. It was hot and dusty. At leas the jungle is very pretty. I’ll add all the safari photos to the next post.




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