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Today was a travel day. After a lazy breakfast we headed back to Indira Ghandi Airport (weren’t we just here??) to catch our flight to Udaipur. We went to the food court for lunch. The only Indian place had a massive line. We were tight on time so McDonald”s it is. They don’t serve beef or pork at McDonald’s in India so you can get a Masala wrap or McChicken. We both chose the latter.

Our flight was OK until the end. I know Airbuses tend to “wobble” a bit but I swear our pilot was drunk. We swerved and wiggled our way down. Kris was not amused. Udaipur airport has exactly 2 gates. Not a huge metropolis.

Our driver, Bhagawat, met us and off we went. I still hadn’t got my cel internet working so we stopped yet again at an Airtel store. No luck. After 30 minutes of farting around I gave up. I may try a vodafone or I may just say screw it. I have not decided yet. Amazing how internet access has become so mandatory. At least most of our hotels should have it.

After a good drive we arrived at the Trident Udaipur, yet another gorgeous hotel. Actually this time it’s the grounds that are so nice. The room is nice but outside is better. Udaipur is around a bunch of lakes and our room faces one. Massive gardens surround us. We’ll have to take the time to explore a bit.

I need to take more photos of the grounds but here are a couple.

And one of the interior.


Before dinner we had the opportunity to attend the Dharohar dance show at Bahore-ki Haveli which is an 18th century mansion built by the Prime Minister of Mewar on the shores of the lake.

A couple shots of the courtyard.


The show was a bit strange but very interesting. Reminds me of the Apsara Dancing we saw in Cambodia.

Here is a short video of the opening act, some battle between kings. I had a hard time understanding the emcee.

Here is one of a traditional dance.

These Ladies could spin!

Lastly this dancer ended up with 11! clay pots on her head when she was done. She also danced on broken glass. One tough mama.


Dinner was at the hotel restaurant. They had both Italian and Indian. We both had the Indian Buffet. The Dal was particularly good.

Tomorrow we’re off to see Udaipur and the lovely lakes.

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    Enjoy the subcontinent

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