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We have arrived. Of course you can't flight direct. I think that would be too far. We are about as far from home geographically as you can get. As such we flew through Franfurt on a nice new 747. Chatting with the check in lady I suggested that Business Class would be a nice upgrade. She made that happen. Yipee! Always pays to ask!

That was our overnight flight (9 hours). Nice to have a fold flat (or nearly) seat to sleep on. 3 hour layover in Frankfurt and back on a plane for another 8 hours to Delhi. That was on an Airbus A380. Man those planes are huge. We had row 52. That's the 3rd row from the front on the main deck. Yup, there are almost 50 rows on the top deck! All first or business class. Weather delays kept us circling around a bit above Delhi but we finally made it.

We were met by our driver, Ajit, who took us to the Leela Palace. That's our hotel. Sure is nice! However once we got there the Manager told us that on March 12 our reservation was canceled. Hmm, at 2am local time this was not something we wanted to hear. They did still have rooms so they got us one on direct payment.

This is right by reception. I had to take a photo, although all over this place are pretty objects and flowers.



Our room is really nice.



After sleeping till early afternoon I got on the phone to our agent (Ramesh) who assured us he'd fix it. I guess I'll see once we actually get downstairs for dinner to see if it's sorted or not.

Well, now it's after dinner and it was sorted out. Mostly, I think, there is some confusion over maybe a short payment. Aah Indian bureaucracy. I guess we'll find out Sunday for sure. I suspect the “short payment” of 700 rupees is the internet access I'm using to send this blog. We expect to pay for that.


Tomorrow is the offical start of our touring. Good thing too. We are both a little tired from the travels and 12.5 hour time change.

On a side, but funny note, our plane snacks had unfortuneate translations. You'll smile when you see, read it out loud.



One comment on “India Day 1 (and a bit) – Getting there from here

  1. Grace Shaw says:

    Hugs to you both. My flowers are just as good as those…maybe you did not have to go all the way to India. I don’t know about that luxury stuff…maybe my house won’t be good enough for you….glad you got business class though…so much more sleepable. Enjoy. Take care of each other. Love, Mom

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