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Our morning ride down river started with an amazing sunrise and we saw a jaguar. The ride is long but worth it. Such a beautiful part of the world.


Once back in Puerto Moldanado we had a long wait between boat ride completion and flight to Lima. We decided a quick mototaxi ride into “town” and lunch was at Burgo's. I presume that is a name. I didn't see any burgers on the menu.

Once we boarded our LAN Peru A319 we were greeted by air conditioning! We did not have that at all since Cusco. 35* heat, 70% humidity is nice but smothering. I felt like we were coming back into society at that point.

This is not steam or spray or mist, it is cold air. That's how warm it was.


In Lima we had planned on grabbing a room at the Ramada at the airport. We heard about it from fellow travellers. Since we'd been up so early and long waits we thought a nice shower, maybe a nap would be a great idea. Too bad we didn't know or think it through before we left. Note to self, stop not booking a hotel room on the last day. Rookie error. Thankfully the hotel staff found us another hotel close. 10 minutes he said. Well maybe not in traffic. More like 20. And not nearly as nice as the Ramada. But it had a bed, shower and was available. 4 and a bit hours later we left clean and mildly refreshed. Once at back at the airport I managed an upgrade to Business Class on the Lima to Dallas leg. Great! That allowed us a decent sleep so the next leg won't be so awful. Trouble is now every overnight flight we do we want business class. That might get expensive.

While it was only 10am, I'd had a nice breakfast on the plane, I knew we'd not be fed as we are now Domestic Travel. Which I interpret as no serivces or amenities. So, when in Texas, BBQ it is. Railhead BBQ is now my new fav in DFW. BBQ at 10am is a new record for me, but one must adapt.

After a long day we finallly made it home.


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