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This morning it was time to hop the train to Machu Picchu. Vistadome class which means big windows. We enjoyed those windows, some of those canyons are awesome. We have pretty scenery at home. This can be just as pretty.




A bus takes you up a crazy logging road. Ok it's not a logging road but I've 4×4 on nicer. Lots of switchbacks as you climb 400m up the mountain. There are no cars allowed on this road and the bus drivers do 40+ Km. They know the roads and where they'll meet the oncoming bus. Did I mention it's single lane?

Once up the hill we were dropped off at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. Oh my, we've upgraded. We decided to splurge so that we would have quick and easy access to the site itself. The lodge is literally 50' from the gate and our room overlooks the edge of Machu Picchu itself. We did pay for this privilege, but it's all inclusive and nice.

After lunch we entered the site itself. First impressions are pretty awesome. This place is amazing. No wonder people come here. We have a full day tomorrow so I'll save the details for then. Today was just experiencing it and then a hike out to an Incan bridge. Crazy trail out to the bridge and no barriers or protection, just a trail and a mountain on one side and cliff on the other.

The trail is in the upper part of the photo. The semi light brown line. That was a nice part..

Here is the reason for this trail – an Incan bridge.

We made it back.

And yes the lawn mowers here are Llamas.


After a day of wandering around Machu Picchu a nice Pisco tasting and long luxurious dinner was welcomed.

Pisco tasting, Strawberry infused for Dave and Cinnamon for Kris. We also had a Pisco Sour which is shown in this shot.

Dinner was steak for Dave and Steelhead for Kris. With Octopus and ink – weird but tasty. Dessert was Purple Corn Taster. Yes, corn flavoured ice cream and some sort of corn pudding and mousse. Weird but kinda good.

630 our guide meets us for a full day exploring and learning. Going to be a long but awesome day tomorrow.


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    Very cool…enjoy!

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