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Day 11, Highland Games. Poles, Rocks and Other Big Stuff

Today was the Highland Games in Inverness. Nicely situated a block away we got our tickets and went in to scope things out. After the opening there was a bunch of local stuff that wasn’t so interesting for us. So back to the hotel for an hour or so to relax. Honestly at this part of the trip an hour or two of downtime isn’t so bad.

Think of a county fair and you have the idea. The “Heavies” are what you come to see. These are the big guys who throw telephone poles (cabers), 56 pound weights over 15′ high jump bars and other crazy things. First event was the “weight for distance” picture a 10 pin bowling ball (28 pounds) on a chain and then swung around and hurled ~55 feet. Then it was a 5 ping bowling ball on a stick (Scottish Hammer) ~65 feet. In between there was other track and field like events. High jump, relay races etc. Then the Heavies did a shot put like event where they putted a rock like a shot put. Except it looked like a rugby ball, not cannon ball. Finally it was time for the Caber Toss. Picture an 18′ telephone pole being picked up and then run with. Then when they think they are about lose control they toss it end over end. Took 3 guys to reset the pole. Only one guy to pick it up and toss it. When the caber breaks they have to start again to make it fair. Not sure I’ve seen telephone poles break by hand!

Nice pub dinner with more scottish ale and pool time. Yay. Tomorrow I get to learn how the Scottish Ferry system works. Off to Orkney – an island called Mainland. But more whiskey distillery options and a brewery. Not to mention some Norse ruins šŸ˜€







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