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“Kia Ora” – a Maori greeting meaning “be well and healthy”.

After 3 years of cancellations and changes due to CoVid restrictions, we are finally on our way to New Zealand!!

Our original trip slated for October of 2020 was going to take us to the North Island but in February 2023, just as we were making travel plans, cyclone Gabrielle hit Auckland and the east coast. Flooding, road closures, uncertainty of available hotels and tourist activities prompted us to postpone the north island trip yet again.

So we’re still going to New Zealand, but we will spend our time on the South Island; a bit different itinerary than originally planned!

Relaxing in the Air Canada Lounge before we board.

New Zealand’s South Island is the larger of the two islands. It is vertically split by the Southern Alps, a mountain range reaching 300 meters. The island is divided into five regions and 24 districts. The west of the island gets lots of rain, the east is much drier. It is just the beginning of spring here in the southern hemisphere so we are expecting some cool weather.

We take off shortly. Finally!

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  1. daveaudriesands says:

    Have a great trip, and keep sending your travel diary.

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