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This morning we flew from Salta to Mendoza – another quick but bumpy flight. Wine marketing starts right at the airport with a sign that reads ‘welcome wine lovers’. We picked up our nice new rental car (Fernanda the Fiat) and headed to our hotel.

Probably not carry on sized.

Casa de Glebinias is a small property with a few guesthouses set within an amazing garden.

Our triplex patio and front door.
Rose bushes and tons of birds
Argentinian falcon building a nest
Not everything here is about wine. We had an incredible lunch at Tea and Company
Chicken wrap.
chicken salad sandwich (on a gluten free bun)
Iced tea infusions. Passionfruit/orange and Strawberry. Both really good.

Since it is Mendoza and we do have that nice patio, we had to stop at a wine shop and buy a bottle. We then relaxed and enjoyed the birds and smelled the roses. It was really fun to watch hawks, doves and parakeets all collect bits of branches and leaves for their nests.

We walked to El Mercadito restaurant and enjoyed a good meal. Portions here are so huge – we are learning to share entrees!

Tomorrow we will head out to a few local wineries for some tastings!

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  1. Alex Wu says:

    Don’t you want to retire here? 🙂

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