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Solheimajokull glacier is 8km long & 2km wide and flows from the mighty Myrdalsjokull ice cap – the 4th largest on Iceland with many other outlet glaciers. The ice cap lies over the Katla volcano which made a big mess with its last major eruption in 1918. A few smaller eruptions more recently did not break the ice cover (in 1955/1999/2011)

Dirty ice from the volcanic eruptions but still so amazing.
The edge of the glacier.

We hiked up to and just onto the actual glacier. You need a guide, crampons and a proper tour to go further.

The While we were standing on the ‘beach’ the glacier made a loud moaning sound (Kris joked that it was the Yeti from Disneyland’s Matterhorn) and a huge piece calved off the front into the water. Very dynamic!

The next stop was Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It is special, as you can walk behind it – but risk getting very wet!

A few hundred meters away is the Gljufrabui waterfall, which falls through a crack in the cliff. It was also fairly wet to visit!

Entry is a via a small crack in the wall.

It’s a short walk through a crack in the hill. Here is a video of the trip.

With the sunny weather we wanted to take advantage of a longer shot of Skogafoss waterfall.

To say there is a shortage of waterfalls or amazing things to take photos of would be a lie. This place is gorgeous.

Late in the day we headed to Dyrholaey – a promontory connected to the mainland by a thin causeway. The view from our hotel looks out over Dyrholaey.

Picturesque barn on the edge of a hill.
Cave up in the hill.

When at the waterfall we saw a young child in a splasher suit. They found a puddle and immediately went straight over and splashed. Dave being older and more mature found a puddle and splashed the Jeep. Sometimes we never grow up!

The Dyrholaey promontory is home to a lighthouse and a bajillion birds. Nesting season is typically May 1 to September 30. It seems we are too early to see puffins (late Spring this year?) but there lots of seagulls and Kria (arctic terns) making nests.

Sadly, I think this is the only puffin we are going to see on this trip
There is also a lighthouse at the highest point.

After a full day of touring we went back to our lodge and had a nice relaxing dinner.

Black Beach Suites is a series of buildings like this.
Coconut Thai curry and wine. Who needs dinner out?
Our dinner view.
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