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We were too late last night to grocery shop at Trader Joe’s, so this morning we headed over before breakfast and coffee. Dave was cranky but recovered once sufficiently caffeinated. I don’t think anyone is particularly jet lagged, being only a three hour time difference, just tired after a long travel day yesterday.

After breakfast we headed out of our building a few blocks up to the Flatiron Building.

The Flatiron Building is a 22 story triangular skyscraper built in 1902, originally called the Fuller Building and then changed to the Wedge. It is shaped like a steam iron and possibly one of the most photographed buildings in the world. The corner offices are small, but incredibly desirable.

Then we ran into a ballerina hippo (?)

The subway stations all have really pretty tile mosaic signs.

After a quick wander around the upper east side, we spent the rest of the morning in Central Park.

Riding the carousel.

The Bethesda fountain.

Then it was time for lunch at the Boathouse in the park.

Lunch was very tasty and the ambiance was awesome. We thought it might be fun to watch one of the rowboats dump into the water, but apparently they are quite stable!

Alice in Wonderland statue.

Still Hunt – a life-size bronze panther statue on a rock outcrop.

The Guggenheim Museum

Then it was time for an afternoon of culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 The museum is crazy huge and we barely saw 1/10 of it. But it was closing time and they kicked us out. Ryan wants to go back. And may just do that if we can squeeze it in somehow.

We headed home and after a brief relax headed out to Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market for dinner. Most of the menu is gluten free and we all ate till we were stuffed. At times like this it is nice to have a few block walk back to digest. The Italians call it a passeggiata. We’ve learned to enjoy those.

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