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Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary.  That is the reason we aren’t flying home yesterday or today.  I refused to be a traveller on my anniversary.  I wanted (as did Kris) to enjoy the day.  So we extended our vacation a couple days so we could be here.  We have a tradition of being on the water or near the water for our anniversary.  As well being somewhere really interesting.  We think the Galapagos is interesting, it’s near water so it qualifies. ;). Over the years we’ve been on the Nile, various islands of Hawaii, Ankor Wat, Squamish, Kenya and many other fun places.

We headed over to the fish market again.  We wanted to see some action.  We were in luck.  Lots of action for one fish, I can’t imagine many fisherman working at once.


Sampling the fare.

This guy was less than a foot away.  He didn’t care that I could have touched him.

After the show was over we headed to the Hotel Silberstein for lunch.  What an oasis their restaurant is.  It is outdoor but under both natural shade and the translucent cover.  We had a leisurely 2 hour lunch there, partly due to slow service, partly because we weren’t in a rush.

Before we left from home we had heard of these shirts (they are everywhere).  We threatened to buy one for Ryan.  He was not amused.  Tonight we saw a group of four twenty-something guys all wearing the same tshirt!  I think I’m with Ryan – they looked rather silly.  Here, maybe, but I can’t imagine actually wearing it at home. 

After a nice swim and a relax by the pool it was time for our anniversary dinner.  We had been saving Il Giardino as a special place to eat.  It was good company.  We did however have great crepes down the street for desert.


Tomorrow we pack up and leave for real.  Travel time home is a little over 24 hours but broken up into 3 flights.  Galapagos to Quito is only just over 2 hours and then we have an 8 hour layover.  We’ve learned over the years to grab an airport hotel room to relax in for layovers where we 

can’t go into town but are too long to just wait in the airport.  That and our Quito -> Dallas leg leaves at midnight.  As well we will be flying from ~25˚ coastal moist heat to 9300′ and dry, cooler then on a plane over night.  So a shower, rest, dinner and change of clothes in Quito at the hotel will be welcome indeed.


I will do one more update when we are home to add in all the video we shot.  The internet feed is just too darn slow to do that here.  

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  1. DS says:

    Congrats!! See you soon.

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