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We are still in cellular range so I can post today.   

This morning we packed a duffel, left our suitcase at Hotel Fiesta and headed to the airport.  Yes we went to the airport to get a boat.  Weird right?  Most people fly in and go directly to their boat.  So the meet point is the airport.  We had to be there for 1030, which we were but we didn’t actually the airport till 1230.  There were multiple flights meeting our boat and we had to wait for the last one.  Hurray up an wait day.  And funny story, we had the hotel call a taxi, one drove by and I flagged it down.  Thinking that our road is a quiet one and it must it the right taxi.  We hop in start driving and say aeorpuerte.  No problem.  About a minute in there was some chatter with the dispatcher and confusion.  The taxi that the hotel had called wanted his fare.  So we parked at the side of the road and when the “right” taxi showed up we switched.  We just smiled and moved cabs.

Once we boarded our boat – Yacht Fragata. We had time to settle in a relax a bit.  

The yacht is 70′ long and sleeps 16 guests.  About 8 crew and our guide is Roberto.

the upper Sundeck 

The requisite frigate birds hanging around.
Our cabin.  Cozy but nice enough.

After our safety breifing we  sailed a short distance to Bachas beach.  Bachas Beach is on north Santa Cruz ( the same island we’ve been on since we got to the Galapagos).  It was a wet landing, an is a turtle nesting site.  Wet landing means that you get your feet and shins wet as the dinghy is beached.  Dry landing is a full dock or at least a dry place to land when jumping.  We walked the beach a little then went for a snorkel.

Our dinghies.

Smaller marine iguanas.  Yet more Sally Lightfoot crabs and a pelican who couldn’t have cared we were there. 

We also had a chance to snorkel.   Lots of fish to see.  Including some small sharks near shore. I could have reached out and touched the parrot fish.  Not skittish at all.
Before dinner we had a chance to sit. On the stop deck and enjoy the view.

The food on board has been pretty good so far.  Tonight we sail for Genovesa and will reach there around 6am.  For sure tomorrow no update real time a we are way north.  I’ll try to post when I can, but it may not be till next Friday.

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