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Today was a rest day.  We planned some down time into this trip, just not on a specific day.  We’ve learned (slowly) that 2-3 weeks straight of touring every day is tiring.  And that means we (meaning me more than Kris) stop paying attention.  Well today was that rest day.  Partially because we were a little tired and partially because it was raining.   We did walk into town for lunch at the Galapagos Deli.  The pizza was good and Kris had great fish and chips.  The expresso was particularly good, nice and fresh and full of flavor.   My bet it was made with local beans.

We headed back in the drizzle and went to the pool.  The weather may or may not clear over the next few days, but we will get back at touring regardless.  At least it is warm drizzle 😉

Dinner was at Lo y Lo which loosely translates to This and That.  The menu was about the same all the rest of the street food places, in other words pretty broad.  So this and that is about right.   Kris had a soup that was more like a thick stew.  Shrimp and snapper with plaintain mush.  It wasn’t really soup and stupendously filling.  Sadly it didn’t look at all like she had eaten any yet she was full.

We’ve learned that the lemonade is awesome all over at the street food places.  So out with the crappy expensive wine and so-so beer and in with the lemonade!
Since we took zero photos today, I will include last night’s lemonade because it is so tasty.

I think tomorrow we’ll make the 2.5 km walk out to Playa Tortuga and see more wildlife.  

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