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This morning we had an earlier start to make our tour boat.  The tour took us to a snorkel stop, Las Grietas again and then on to Playa de los Perros.  We had a guide as he came with the boat.  He spoke mostly Spanish and a little English.  So we got the gist and didn’t get left behind.

At the first snorkel stop (we can’t remember the name) we saw some parrot fish and a turtle.  Visibility wasn’t the greatest but it was nice to hop in the water and float about for a bit.  Parrot fish here are a decent size, somewhere around 2′ or so.  Bigger than Hawaii but smaller than in Cancun.

There are lots of other fish – I knew the names at one point but don’t have a book with me to properly identify.

And the green turtle.

Next up was a return to Las Grietas (the crack).  This time we landed one more bay over at a private dock and had a short walk to the actual crack.  We were prepared with swim suits and snorkel gear.

Much better visibility here and more Parrot fish.

After not quite enough we hiked back to the boat to head over to Playa de los Perros.  It’s on the outer part of western Academy Bay.  Here we got to see marine iguanas on the beach and in the surf as well as blue footed boobies.

Such a poser!
And finally the Blue Footed Boobies.

We did find the white-tipped shark canal. But we were rushed off before we could go see.  That part wasn’t great.  We almost made them wait and “be that tourist” but we caved and went back to the boat like the good little Canadians that we are.  Of course they may have just left us too…..
We then cruised across the bay to Loberia which is an islet sanctuary.  You’re not allowed to land but we did see where the baby sea lions learn to swim.  It’s too early for that, they don’t get born till August though.  Truthfully I’m not sure why you’d go there unless you could see the babies.  But I guess somebody printed some brochures with that as a stop so off we went????  We would have much rathered had more time at Playa de los Perros and actually seen the Canal de los Tintoreras (canal of sharks).
At this point our morning tour was over so we returned to the main wharf.    There we found a really cool program.  One man collects cigarette butts from the beaches and ocean and makes art.  He’s cleaned up 1000’s of tons of butts and saved countless fish and birds.  We donated to the cause ($$ not butts).

Above are Nico and Tina 😉
The plan was for lunch as soon as we got back but we both wanted some rest time back in our room so we went back to the hotel.   Rinsed and rested we then headed out again to the other side of town.  We had heard of a cool little place for lunch.  It’s only a 1km walk so today was the plan. When we got there it was very much closed.  Maybe permanently.  But we did find another place that was good.  It may have been the local gay bar as the locals were quite flaming.   The conversation was catty and quite entertaining.

We headed back the hotel for a swim and a rest.  Dinner was at the food stalls again. Sol Y Luna tonight.  Lemonade here is $6 for a 2L jug.  Tasty tasty.

I had Lomo Saltado (a beef stir fry) which I last had in Peru.   One of those things I thought I’d likely never get again.  


Kris had coconut shrimp.

We both left sated.  We will go back I think.  Tomorrow’s plan is a little fuzzy.  We might do nothing, we might go for a hike to Playa las Tortugas.  We’ll let you know…

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