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545 start today to get breakfast and check out of Lima. Our driver (Christian) was right on time. He only spoke Spanish so conversation was limited.

I never really realized that the coast of Peru is quite a desert. The Andes prevent enough clouds from forming so there is very little rain and mostly just fog or mist. The landscape is pretty baren. Those hills are the begining of the Andes.


There is a section of old Pan American Highway that is pretty cool. I'm glad we drove it.

We stopped at the Nazca Lines Tower to see some of the lines.


View from the tower. This is the tree.

Above is all that is left of the lizard. The highway built in the early 1920's was constructed before anyone rediscovered them.

Kris and the Hand

The Hand

Then is it was off to our Hotel for the night. Hotel Majora. During Spanish Colonial times it was the Boss Guy's house. Then a convent. Now a hotel. Comes complete with it's own Gunea Fowl, Alpaca, and Vicuna.

Our room

The Incan or Nazcan tapstry over our bed. Yes it's real and OLD.
Some pottery in one of the main rooms:

The very nice pool:

The Alpaca

This is a bougainvillea tree (not bushes here)

Canela the Vicuna was shy around us but friendly with the staff.


I can confirm with 100% certainty that Alpaca spit just like their Llama cousins!

That's Aplaca spit you see on my face. I'm glad I was wearing sunglasses!

After I cleaned up it was time to hit the pool and sip some Pisco straight up. Kris was not a huge fan, it tastes a little like Whiskey or Tequila but without the bite. As a good husband I drank her's.

And lastly here is a Peacock Hen checking out what is around the pool to eat.

Tomorrow we fly in a Cessna 207 Caravan over the lines then drive back to Lima.


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