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Day 1 Peru – Here we go again and Continent six of seven.

Well it's time for Dave and Kris to venture forth into the world and “see stuff”. Also today marks the day that Kris and I will have traveled to six of seven continents. The last one is the Antarctic. We have to wait a couple of years for that one.



We are off to Lima today via Dallas. Because, you know, you can't ever fly direct anymore. The good part is that I get real BBQ for lunch. I learned what that can be when at Dell. There really isn't much in Vancouver to find Texas BBQ. Lots of Louisiana options but real Texas brisket is hard to find.

Yes it's a chain and yes it's in the airport but it's still the real deal.

Us on the Lima flight.

Anyway after lunch time to connect to Lima. Midnight arrival. Our guide (Guillermo) met us and go us to the hotel.


However a 430am start and 2 am hotel arrival make for a long day. It's only a two hour time change so despite a very long day we should be good to go touring tomorrow.

We made it. It's 155 am here, time for bed!


One comment on “Day 1 Peru – Here we go again and Continent six of seven.

  1. Grace Shaw says:

    Ka nd D,  Just a Hi from Mom…I am in San Diego  and ready to go home.  Will email from home and read your news.  Sty well.  love to both of you.  enjoy.

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