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Day 17, Fly Back to Heathrow and Off to Stonehenge

Today was an early start. We had a 9am flight to Heathrow. Getting out of Edinburgh was it’s usual challenge. I must say though that Virgin Atlantic is a well run show. Brand new plane and free everything. Picking up the car at Heathrow made all your horror stories of LHR true. 15 minute walk to the bus which then is another 20 minute wait. Then it got bad. 2 hour 10 minutes of waiting so I could get in line to a car I’ve already paid for. Then I get a piece of paper (another one) that says I have a car and have to go randomly hunt for a wagon that I’ve paid a premium for. None of the wagons I could see had keys. Thankfully I had asked for help on finding a car and Pat was with me. She was good finding the keys. But with over 200 people ahead of me in line and another 200 behind me it was a zoo. Worst car rental pickup. Ever.

Once we had the car (A Vauxhall Insignia this time) it was a easy route of the airport. On the car note, the Kia C’eed we had before was really nice. The Vauxhall not as much. Kind of like having a down grade. If I was Vauxhall I’d be very worried. Kia has the much better choice.


A good drive once we cleared the M25 ring road traffic. And then 7km from the exit the traffic stopped. 7km in 60 minutes. I was beginning to think it wasn’t worth it. It was. Stonehenge was as good as last time and the boys really enjoyed it.

Dinner  Was  at a nice pub   We ere the only non locals..  I think we caused a bit of a stir.20130727-080549.jpg

After  dinner was a quick stop  at Old  Saarum.  I wanted to see it even if there isn’t much to see.20130727-080614.jpg

Some Stonehenge photos and a view fom  the old cathederal site to the new one.





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