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Day 14, Back down south. Or otherwise known as Yucky Drive Day.

Today there isn’t much to say. An 11am ferry back the way we came. Nice but not as clear as they way up. They are pretty much the same as the BC Ferries in loading. We did get to see the Old Man of Hoy again. Very cool sea stack.

Once we landed it was a 6 hour drive south. It was just over 425 KM but slow. Think driving the old Whistler highway or the #7 east of Harrison or the #3 east of Hope to Princton. You get the idea. Curvy and one lane each way. Fun to drive but tiring. And to boot there was always that slow truck right at the end of the passing lanes. Upside is that the scenery was pretty amazing. And going slow I got to see alot of it. Including the Dalwhinnie distillery. It was on the way 😉

One may ask how you entertain two young boys for 6 hours in a car plus a 90 minute ferry ride? Well the electronic baby sitter reigns. We have a device (MiFi) that connects all our iPads onto the net and we’ve purchased lots of bandwidth via the local cellular networks. $160 well spent. Not cheap but been super useful. Including the access I needed to send updates of this blog from Inverness. Our connection never did really work all that well there. I suppose today being disconnected is actually worse than being able to see work emails. Upside is that we could check in on the day’s updated around the Royal Baby. Glad that zoo will be mostly gone by the time we hit London again in a few days.

Anyway around 630 we found our hotel and gratefully walked next door for yet more pizza. The pool here is great and the wifi is fast. What more could the boys need? 😉

Tomorrow we’re back to actually seeing stuff instead of just moving around.

A pic of “The Old Man of Hoy” in case you didn’t remember what it looked like.


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