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Today was our last day at the Anjiamarango Resort in Nosy Be. Our fight back to Tana wasn’t until 6pm so we were able to sleep in and relax. It seemed no big deal to get a late check-out today – there are several other groups here, but it is not even close to full.

There is a rooster in the village next door who likes to let everyone know when 4am occurs and there was a huge noisy rain storm overnight. We were awakened a few times, so we were thankful not to have to get up and go early.

It was still crazy tropical raining at breakfast and we have run out of our mobile data plan (again) so we took our iPads to the restaurant and lounge area. We lazed over breakfast and then went upstairs to read and lounge. The internet connection at the resort is satellite based so the rain and deep cloud cover made it spotty and slow. Once the rain eased the internet got more stable. Eventually we went back to our bungalow and organized a bit then somehow it was time for lunch (we have to eat again??). We decided that after lunch it was a good time to go for a final swim as our taxi transfer was arriving at 330. We did some laps and floated. A nice way to end our stay in Nosy Be.

On a side note, Kris did manage to diagnose a French couple’s young son’s chicken pox. Yesterday, we noticed him with lots of awful looking spots, and thought he had been particularly badly mosquito bitten. But this morning, the spots are all scabbed over, on his face, neck and head. Kris’ nurse instincts took over and she figured out how to talk to them in French. We think they thought the kid had mosquito bites too, because we think they were putting something like calamine spray on the blisters (apparently it hurt the poor little dude). We mentioned to the nice hotel proprietor that if his staff haven’t had vaccinations (and Kris looked at the WHO website to find the Madagascar immunization schedule, but found it lacking) they should not touch the little man or allow him to use the pool (might be too late). Not sure our interference made any difference, but we hope we were helpful. Poor family – not a great way to spend your vacation!

We must admit we both are tired of the bad roads (Nosy Be roads are particularly awful) and somewhat difficult travel in country. This place is beautiful but it is a third world nation – that comes with its challenges. Like our flight back to Tana. 550 departure but as of 515 no plane to be seen. There were lots of us in the waiting area and the staff seemed to think a plane was coming. We must admit even though the plane didn’t board till 540 or so, we left pretty close to on time. Once again we had the small turbo prop ATR 72. Maybe even the same plane as we took up there a few days ago. We had an uneventful flight back except for the double bounce landing.

We picked up the suitcase we left at the Relais des Plateaux and were driven back to the the Sakamanga hotel. It feels weird being back in the “big city” with actual paved roads, few potholes and street lamps. Oh how your perspective changes!

We got our room and went upstairs to the dinner restaurant and shared a salad and pannier de brochettes de viande. Or platter of meat (loosely translated). As we remembered the portions were huge. We were glad we shared.

Tomorrow we head out to the Tana waterfront to pick up some chocolate and rum and maybe some sapphires if we can. Then we start the long flight back to Paris.

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