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Skogar Museum was a surprisingly great experience. We are not museum people in general so we might visit one museum per trip. The Skogasafn was small in stature but well executed. We got to explore early Icelandic history!

Inside several buildings were the folk museum and the technical/transport museum.

Sheep wool thread in the loom room (reminds me of Sleeping Beauty)
Jeep Willys CJ2 – post war farm and general use. Beautifully restored.
Jeep Willy CJ-5

Outside was the open air museum with reconstructed turf houses, school house and church. Icelanders, both the rich and the poor, lived in turf houses from the time of settlement in 870 until the mid 20th C – the last house was vacated in 1966.

After visiting the museum, we took a quick hike to Kvernufoss waterfall. The fall is at the end of a beautiful green canyon – we were the only ones there and it was quite magical!

From there we drove a short distance over to Skogafoss, a 62m tall waterfall. We climbed 448 stairs up to the top.

View from the top.

We hiked 2km up the Skoga River to see more amazing scenery.

And then back at the bottom walked to the base of the falls for more amazing views.

There are many other turf houses in Iceland.

Drangurinn i Drangsihlid – 2 turf houses built under a rock promontory – said to be the home of elves.

To say this place is beautiful is an understatement. We are here in less than amazing weather and we are impressed. We enjoyed a beautiful meal of lamb and Arctic char at a local hotel and headed for bed.

One comment on “Iceland Day 2 – Skogar Museum, Kvernufoss and Skogafoss

  1. Sands Audrie says:

    If you see any spelsauull sheep, please take a photo for me….the fleece makes the most beautiful yarn.
    So good to read that you are having a good time. A tapestry artist I follow on line just finished a residency there, and she was tremendously impressed. Interestingly, she is also a celiac, and had problems originally. I’ll review her blog and see how she resolved the situation.
    Really enjoy your posts, love, Audrie

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